Information to gather before you contact WordPress911 for problems with your existing site. - WordPress911
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Information to gather before you contact WordPress911 for problems with your existing site.

wordpress911 help for your wordpress website

Information to gather before you contact WordPress911 for problems with your existing site.

This article is written for the user who’s site has gone down.

We want you to get the best support possible so that you get the most out of your WordPress website!  That being said, there are MANY moving parts about your website and no two people have the same expertise level.

Keep in mind, WordPress is an open source community project.  That means anyone is welcome to create plugins, themes, patches and fixes and distribute them freely across the WordPress forums.  Many developers create these either for themselves for a client, then make them available for free.  There are also developers who create themes and plugins and make them available for purchase.  They usually have some kind of support forums where you can browse through previous issues to find information, but none of them (or almost none of them) provide phone support.  It can be very frustrating trying to get support when something goes wrong!

We have a myriad of users coming to us for support across every possible platform, any number of themes, plugins, versions….  From experienced developers to end users.  Many readers of this article will be reading this and thinking to themselves – I have no idea what any of this means. 🙂

What it ultimately means, is that we are here to help, and we understand you may not have all the answers to our questions, but if you could gather as much information as you can prior to contacting us, it will be a huge help and we can get down to the business of fixing your site.

Here are some things we will ask you:

  • What is your experience level (end user/blogger/developer/other)
  • What is your website running on  (wordpress or other)
  • Where is your site hosted?
  • Where is the domain registered?
  • What version of WordPress are you running?
  • What version of PHP is your server running?
  • What themes and plugins are running/causing the issue, if relevent
  • What happened prior to things going wrong (was there an update?)
  • Did you do anything to try to fix the problem, and what was result?
  • Are you getting specific error messages?
  • What is the URL of the site in question.
  • Do you have admin access to your domain registrar/hosting/website.

We know many will not have all the answers, but the more you can answer up front, the less digging we have to do and the faster your site will be up again.

Let’s get to work!


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