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Annual Maintenance & Support Plan


We don’t believe in building a website and just forgetting it. Your website is the epicenter of your business and proper care and feeding of the site is essential to your success.

Like the apps on your cellphone, the apps, themes and plug-ins on the back end of your website are constantly being upgraded to improve their functionality and increase security. We have seen time and again how websites that were unattended for long periods of time have either crashed or fallen victim to hackers, leaving the business owner no choice but to find a web developer urgently and pay through the nose to get a site back online.

We offer a sensibly priced annual maintenance plan so that have your very own Web Department who will take care of things for and be a resource for you to call when you need help.

Here’s what we do:

  • Monitor all apps and theme versions and perform “controlled” updates.
  • Monitor analytics and make sure traffic is coming, identify potential issues.
  • Monitor activity of your users of site to ensure everyone is following standards.
  • Provide e-mail support on any of your website questions.
  • Make minor content changes to the website upon request, ie: add a new blog, change an employee, update addresses, update the wording on the site.

Let’s get started!

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